Hi, my name’s Karena and I’d like to welcome you to Ohlssons.us!

This is a family blog that reflects our individual interests. I’ll supply you with plenty of posts on homeschooling, plant-based eating, and ideas for living the frugal life and getting (and remaining) debt-free. I’ll also no doubt bore you with cute stories about my kids and dogs.

Jesse will stop by on occasion to regale readers with the trials and tribulations, and hopefully success stories about leaping off the cliff and starting your own business. And perhaps to point out how ludicrously wrong someone is on the internet.

Our boys, L and H, won’t be left out. They will be making regular appearances to wax poetic about their own passions. L is a Dungeons & Dragons aficionado and a Whovian, as well as being a fantastic story teller. H will supply you with all the knowledge you’ll ever need (and more) about Bionicles. Their posts will surely be the most entertaining ones to read!

So make yourself at home, browse around, and be sure to say HI!